Recommended improvements for your organisation’s email with DMARC

Recommended improvements for your organisation’s email with DMARC

I’d like to make you aware of some important recommendations to help improve the security and deliverability of your Organisation’s email.

What we are recommending is for you to secure your email sending by implementing some technologies called DMARC, DKIM and SPF.

In essence, these technologies: digitally sign your emails (DKIM), tell other Organisations who’s allowed to send email on your behalf (SPF) and then tell them what to do with email not digitally signed from you ie reject it (DMARC).

From February 1st, Google and Yahoo are going to be enforcing this requirement.

Although this is initially aimed at bulk senders, at DT we see this as just the first step toward everyone requiring these important email security technologies.

In summary, the benefits are:

  • improving email security and reducing reputational damage by stopping people from being able to “spoof” your email domain in phishing attacks
  • improved email deliverability

If you would like any further information and a quotation to implement these important email securities, please do not hesitate to contact the Team via

Stay safe,
Simon Wong


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