What we are doing about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

What we are doing about COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The other day I sent an email broadcast with regard regards to our plans for managing COVID-19 (Coronavirus).  I thought I should also post it here in case anyone missed it.

I just wanted to contact you to assure you that we are working hard to maintain our usual standard of support to all of our customers whilst also ensuring the health and safety of our staff.

We are starting to distribute staff between working from home and the office to reduce any potential impact to our service delivery should someone become affected.

In the short term, I have also directed staff to prioritise requests from customers in setting up their work from home arrangements so that businesses can continue to operate.

On-site Work

For now, we will be minimising all non-essential on-site work and customer contact.

If on-site support is required, customers will be required to confirm their work place is unaffected by COVID-19.

Home visits will also require prior confirmation that customers are not self-isolating.

DT Staff will be following the Queensland Department of Health guidelines for COVID-19 prevention.

Remote Support

For now, there are no changes to delivery of remote support. Our systems are already setup for distributed work and our staff do this routinely anyway.

Contact Details

Just a reminder that all support requests must be initiated via the following channels (or use our web contact form):


07 3369 3777

Finally, we hope you all stay safe and healthy during this uncertain time.



Simon Wong


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